Victoria's War Book Cover

Victoria's War

A Novel

Audiobook now available!

Produced by Lantern Audiobooks, Victoria’s War: A Novel is a 9 hour and 32 minute audiobook. I hope you enjoy it! 

Narrator Emily Behr is an award-winning French-German actress with an extensive background in European theater, film and television. She is French, was raised in Germany, and now lives in LA! English is her third language and this was her first audiobook performance. Thank you and bravo, Emily!

“The natural talents of the author, combined with the skills of the narrator, bring this story to life on a whole separate level. The book was already a brilliant, insightful read, but listening to it as an audiobook gives it another life, and another level of connection with the audience.”

—Reviewer @andonshereads 

In Victoria’s War, I tell the story of two women—Victoria Darski, a nineteen-year-old Polish Catholic woman sold into slave labor in Nazi Germany during WWII. And Etta Tod, a twenty-year-old German artist who is the daughter of Victoria’s captors.

“A searing reminder of the many lesser-known World War II stories that still need to be told.”

Kirkus Reviews

“In vivid detail…Hamilton adds a unique voice to the chorus of World War II fiction.”

Polish American Journal

In Victoria’s War, Hamilton gives voice to the courageous Polish women who were kidnapped into the real-life Nazi slave labor operation during WWII. Inspired by true stories, this lost chapter of history won’t soon be forgotten.