Victoria's War Book Cover

Advanced Praise for

Victoria's War

“A searing reminder of the many lesser-known World War II stories that still need to be told.” 
Kirkus Reviews

“In vivid detail…Hamilton adds a unique voice to the chorus of World War II fiction.”
Polish American Journal

“Hamilton’s page-turning tour de force of historical fiction, provides readers with an important chapter of world history.”
—Krysia Jopek, author of Maps and Shadows

“In this riveting debut, Hamilton rescues the history of the Nazi’s slave laborers through the story of one Polish woman’s plight and her unlikely friendship with the deaf-mute daughter of her captors.”
—Brigid Pasulka, winner of the 2010 PEN/Hemingway Award for A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True

“[A] beautifully crafted debut novel by Catherine Hamilton. You’ll want to know Victoria’s story, and Etta’s too…women whose light shines through, despite all the evil and sadness they endured. This novel helps us to know their journey, and to remember it.”
—Ren Behan, British-Polish author of Wild Honey and Rye: Modern Polish Recipes

“Too often, we think only of the men who go to war and do heroic things. We forget the other victims and heroes of war, the women like Victoria in this brilliant novel.”
—John Guzlowski, author of the award-winning Echoes of Tattered Tongues: Memory Unfolded

“A woman grappling with her faith and struggling to find courage as the atrocities of wartime unfold all around her….[A] heartbreaking and largely forgotten history of Polish women forced into Nazi slave labor, Hamilton’s well-researched debut novel is a searing reminder of the inhumanity of war.”
—Magdalena Bartkowska, Polish American blogger and freelance writer

“Hamilton’s first novel takes us right into the lives of its characters—into their kitchens, their workplaces, their hearts.”
—Rebecca Thaddeus, author of One Amber Bead


“Enthralled by the…writing and its historical value.”
—Ted Lipien, Polish American journalist and author of Wojtyła’s Women: How They Shaped the Life of Pope John Paul II and Changed the Catholic Church

“A compelling novel that will stay on one’s mind long after it’s put back on the bookshelf!”
—Irena Kossakowski, author of A Homeland Denied: In the Footsteps of a Polish POW

“War brings cruelty, brutality, horrors, hardships, pain, shame, regret, guilt. Victoria’s War has its darkness. I won’t lie. But it’s got a resilient, compassionate, empathetic heroine who has gumption, courage, and strength. I loved, loved, LOVED the ending. It was WORTH IT.”
Becky’s Book Reviews

“Fantastic debut novel….The main message I took from this novel was that we are braver than we know. Regardless of their race, religion, or political beliefs, each of the characters were tested, and it was up to them whether they dug deep or gave in. I couldn’t put this down. I became so attached to these characters….Incredible debut novel, and I can’t wait to see what this author brings out in the future!”
—Grace Jagger, blogger

“[Hamilton] captures commonly hushed events and actions conducted by Nazis, which to this day many may not know about.”
—Elizabeth Mawalal, blogger

“[This] hard-hitting and at times outright harrowing book really doesn’t hold back.…Enjoyable whilst breaking your heart.”
—Erika, And On She Reads, blogger (UK)

“A brilliant debut novel…that grips you and won’t let go. I found myself glued to the pages, wanting to know more.…Deeply emotional.”
—@readinginpyjamas, bookstagram blogger